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Jagodina-Open-SIDF-4-5 june-2016

SIDF-JAGODINA OPEN-4-5jun 2016                                                       Regards from Nebojsa Slavkovic!

We are inviting all dance lovers to the International dance festival “
“ that has traditionally been held in Jagodina, on 04th/05th June 2016.

The best players from many European countries, such as Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria,      Greece, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and many other,  participate at this festival.

Medals have been provided for the first three places, for all formation and group dancers, as well as        pairs, duo and solo. Groups and formations receive cups and other rewards.

                                                         FUND AWARD 1000 euros.

All the countries, clubs, societies, sports organizations, ballet schools, folklor dance ensambles are welcomed at the festival.

   Saturday, 4th June 2016, is the day for Performing Arts( DanceShow, Ballet, Modern ballet, Latin and Ballroom,  Belly dance etc.), Specijal couple dances: (Salsa, Salsa Rueda de Casino, Merengue, Bachata, Argentina tango, Hustle / Disco Fox / Disco Swing, Latino/Latin  Show , Mixing Blues, Caribbean Dances, Street Mambo, American Mambo,Standard show…), Standard and Latin dances (waltz, tango, cha cha, jive …), and

      Sunday, 05th June 2016.For Street Dance (Hip Hop,Disco Dance,Break Dance,Street    Show,Electric Boogie…)

                                 The contest is organized by the rules of IDO World Federation.

                                                                          Come and  join us!

                              New dance styles and categories at Jagodina Open Dance Festival:

  1. FAMILY DUO DANCE– a parent and a child dance together (mother and child or father and child)
  2. HIP HOP BATTLE DUO- JUNIORS AND ADULTS– same rules as for solo
  4. ZUMBA FITNESS, AEROBIC– all aerobic and zumba styles. Choreography may last 2.30-4.00 minutes
  5. DANCERS- SINGERS– dancers who sing with good choreography. A song may last 3-4 minutes. Supporting groups are allowed. It is the same age category for all the contestants. The goal is affirmation of our good dancers who are also good singers.


If you are interested in accommodation,call :+381 69 500 1 500,+381 69 500 3 500

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Veliki međunarodni plesni festival JAGODINA OPEN biće odrzan 4 i 5 juna 2016 u Jagodinskoj hali sportova JASSA. NAGRADNI FOND MINIMUM 1000 evra. Uskoro više informacija.Pozdrav.Vidimo se.Info.+381 69 500 1 500,0695003500SIDF-JAGODINA OPEN-4-5jun 2016

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